Full-Stack Cold Email : AI + Data + SMTP

B2B Lead Generation with Autonomous AI Agents

Experience a revolutionary AI sales agent platform that prospects leads, creates personalized pitches for each recipient, delivers cold business emails at scale, and autonomously improves.

Full-Stack Solution

Everything you need to put your outbound lead generation on autopilot

AI Agent Platform

EmailFlow AI autonomously manages campaigns, leveraging AI to craft personalized emails and optimize engagement.

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B2B Email Database

Unlimited access to a vast database of 65 million B2B email leads to target the right audience with precision.

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Email Infrastructure

We provide domain names, email accounts and cutting-edge SMTP warmup technology for reliable email delivery.

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Unique Microeconomic Reasoning Customized for Each Recipient

Our platform deploys an AI Agent team that conducts online research and chain of thought reasoning, reflection, and self-refinement to iteratively write the perfect email - static templates are a relic of the past.

Email Database of 65 Million US Business Decision Makers

Your AI Agent team has unlimited access to filter for your ideal customer profile from our master database containing over 65 million records. You can manually instruct the swarm to target your desired demographic, or you can let the swarm autonomously decide.

Full-Stack Email Infrastructure: Domains, SMTP, IPv4, Warmup +

Your AI Agent team is equipped with access to scale email infrastructure to accomodate your campaign.

  • Custom domain names (automatically, for free)
  • Whitelisted SMTP IPv4 (> 95% inbox placement)
  • Fully kitted out SPF, DKIM, DMARC, MX, IMAP
  • Email warmup and reputation management

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Contact us for custom plans tailored to your business needs, including advanced features such as 24/7 technical support, dedicated account managers, and bespoke integration capabilities.

Need an instant answer?

Our AI chatbot is trained in all things EmailFlow and can answer 90% of customer questions. Feel free to ask anything.